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The infection specialist explains that delta requires a low viral load to cause disease

The infection specialist explains that delta requires a low viral load to cause disease

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that delta variable It is as contagious as chickenpox and has reached vaccinated people. According to the study, each person infected with delta is able to transmit the infection to eight others.

In an interview with CNNInfection scientist and member of the Brazilian Society of Infectology, Marcelo Otsuka, explains that this is because this variant has a greater ability to bind to human cells.

“The variables that will stand out are those that gain or give some gain to the virus. And the main gains that we see are [na Delta] it’s a The greatest ability to bind to the host cell, with the host receiver, and that It makes us need a lower viral load to cause disease. “

Otsuka stresses that although it has not been shown to lead an individual to develop a more serious condition, the ability to spread and provoke new waves is worrisome.

“It can infect vaccinated people and allow those vaccinated people to pass on the virus. So we wouldn’t have a higher risk, but we would have a higher chance of infecting anyone who took any vaccine with that kind.”

“This is a problem, because it makes the virus continue to spread even with vaccination,” he adds.

Regarding the flexibility announced by the Sao Paulo government and the possibility of Rio de Janeiro organizing appeal parties in the second half of the year, the infectious disease specialist says these statements are “early”.

“We think it’s too early. We still have 40,000 cases a day, not to mention the ones we haven’t identified. We still have over a thousand deaths a day, so it’s still early days, because we have just over 20% of our population.” Fully vaccinated, so to speak.”

The microscope depicted the interaction of the new coronavirus with artificial cells in the kidney tissue of a monkey
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