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The husband was betrayed because of the camera he installed in the house

The husband was betrayed because of the camera he installed in the house

The popular saying: “Taste your poison” fits this situation perfectly. In the United States, a man installed a camera in his house and thought it was broken and it wasn’t. It was there that the American Kylie Christina took advantage of her husband’s indecision and discovered infidelity with a friend.

Kylie was betrayed by her husband; The camera spotted the operating code of Tik Tok

Photo: Reproduction / Tik Tok

She has shared excerpts from the recording on her TikTok profile and has garnered nearly 7 million views. The video shows her husband leaving the gate of the house after 10pm and seconds later a woman appears, seemingly caressing and kissing her ass. She is wearing a T-shirt and shorts and holds her car keys. “He thought the camera was down,” he commented.

Kylie started mistrusting her ex with flimsy excuses. “When your husband is too ill to let him go on the family trip you planned,” she wrote. In the caption she added the hashtags “Hustler” and “Trash” in reference to her husband.

After the century, she made the arrangements. “The locks have been changed and he is no longer staying here,” she told the New York Post.

Kylie claimed that the woman in question pretended to be her friend. “She is a home destroyer as much as she is.” The father of her sons was apologizing to her, warning her that resuming the relationship would not be enough.

“I don’t think I’ll get to a point where I can be like, ‘It’s okay,’ because he wasn’t feeling well,” she said. Kaylie has not revealed in recent videos if he is with his girlfriend or not.

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