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The Horizon Burning Shores DLC is receiving an overwhelming number of negative reviews about Lesbian Kiss

Despite being well rated by dedicated critics, the Horizon Burning Shores DLC, released last week as a bonus content for Horizon Forbidden West, is receiving a slew of negative audience reviews on aggregator Metacritic, lowering the game’s average score. The main reason, which should be noted by the latest user appearances, is related to the lesbian kissing scene, between the character Aloy and Seyka.

And if the game scores 82 among its critics, then the “exploding review” of users An average of 2.7 points, out of a total of 10, with 530 negative posts compared to 170 positive.

“Another game spoiled by the gay agenda, why? People just want to have fun, not indoctrinate their ideas. Sony should be careful because many brands have been hurt by prioritizing the forced agenda. I will never buy a Horizon game again,” he says. user.

Historically, the gaming world has a hard time bringing up topics like inclusion, especially in relation to the LGBTQIA+ community – and in this case there seems to be a particular unease with regard to characters assuming their sexuality in a given scene.

It is possible to note the incredulity of gamers who, in their reviews, give a zero rating, stating that “the left wants to destroy the world”, “another destructive character” and the like, with rare messages about the game itself, its technical qualities or shortcomings.

Metacritic says it has been working for some time to improve moderation for this type of content, including blocking user posts so soon after launch that there are only comments from those who may have already tried or completed a particular game.

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