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The Health Department invites people to update the SUS card that begins with the numbers 1, 2, and 8

The Health Department invites people to update the SUS card that begins with the numbers 1, 2, and 8

The Municipal Health Department (SMS) invites residents of João Pessoa to update their SUS cards that begin with the numbers one (1), two (2) and eight (8). These persons must attend the service headquarters, located on Avenida Roy Barbosa, in the Torre district, with personal documents on hand, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., without a lunch break.

DRT .RJ.15855.vomar Gomes Pereira.

The update is necessary for the user to fully access the services offered by the municipal health network, since these cards were issued a long time ago and some information was not included in the system. In this way, all residents of the capital, whose requests for consultations / tests / surgeries are not included in the regulation system by the typing centers in the region due to the need to update their registration, are called.

“People who have a SUS card that begins with any other number, usually starting with seven (7), or who have not been notified of this in their health unit, do not need to do the update. Those who issued the card online, during the pandemic, also do not need an update. or reissue the cards, as they are still valid,” directed SUS Card Coordinator, Allen Melo.

To update the document, it is necessary to have an identity document with a photo – valid RG, CNH, business card – CPF and proof of residence of João Pessoa, in the username. In the case of minors, an identity document with a photo of one of the parents, proof of residence of João Pessoa in the name of one of the parents and a birth certificate or identity card for the minor must be presented.

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Water, electricity, internet bills, credit card bills or shop bills are valid as proof of residency. “In the absence of these documents in the name of the user for proof of residence, he must search for the family health unit where he was registered and attended for the issuance of a residence permit by the USF team. On the day you go to the SUS Card headquarters, you must take, in addition to the declaration, a receipt Titled Home”, directed by Aline Melo.

For questions or other information, the user can call 314-7981.

SUS card – The National Health Card (CNS) is a SUS user identification document. Through this register, it is possible to access health services in a more dynamic way, which allows to identify users in health procedures and services through a unique number for each citizen.

Even people with private health insurance need a CNS, because essential services, such as vaccinations, only occur upon presentation of the card, for adults and children.