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The great white shark kills the diver who was about to marry

Experienced swimmer Simon Nelist, 35, was killed by a 4.5-meter great white shark while training for a charity diving tournament offshore in Sydney, Australia. Nellist was originally from the UK and was about to marry his fiancée, Jesse Ho.

Nellist was in favor of banning drum lines, a type of water trap used to attract and capture large sharks using baited hooks. And the diver recently published on social media posts in which he said that the artifacts killed wild animals indiscriminately.

He even had records, where he appeared to swim alongside sea giants.

Watch a video of the moment of the attack recorded by a bystander who witnessed the scene – the images are powerful:

A few hours after the attack, New South Wales Police found the remains of Nelist, a police spokesman.

The last time a shark attack left people dead in the area was in 1963, when Australian actress and model Marcia Hathaway was attacked and killed at the age of 32. Marine biologists in the area have suggested that the great white may have mistaken a diver for a seal.

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