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The government sends TAC to Apple and Samsung via cell phone charger

The government sends TAC to Apple and Samsung via cell phone charger

The federal government has issued an ultimatum to Apple and Samsung, Companies that stopped selling their new cell phones with plug chargers inside the boxes. Senacon (National Consumers’ Trust), an agency linked to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, has proposed an agreement with companies in Brazil to try to avoid a fine of up to R $ 10 million.

Officially, the government agency sent TAC (Behavior Modification Conditions) to companies that “kept their sales without chargers”, without naming them. tilt And it confirmed that the only ones who got the deal offer were Apple and Samsung.

According to Pedro Keyrouz, director of DPDC (Cinecon Consumer Protection and Defense Administration), said in a note: “Simply banning packaging materials makes it difficult for the general public to understand them, without effectively reducing the amount of e-waste.”

If the companies reject the agreement, the federal agency can impose a fine of up to a maximum of 10 million reais, as stipulated in their bylaws. Both Apple and Samsung have argued to eliminate the battery charger prison cell Benefits the environment.

In November 2020 Senacon sent a notification to Apple, Samsung, and Motorola, LG, Asus e Xiaomi, Questioning rumors that other companies were intending to emulate Apple, which had just launched Iphone 12 in Brazil at the time without a charger in the box.

Apple’s press office said the company will not comment publicly on the issue at this time. Samsung said it did not receive the relevant notification.

Regarding the topic, the South Korean manufacturer said in a note: “Since February 10, 2021, it has made available, free of charge, a plug adapter to all consumers who purchase any product of the Galaxy S21 line in Brazil, in accordance with the rules duly informed. “Which will run until April 30, 2021, to provide a free replacement to customers who choose to order accessories. Samsung also says a possible extension of this initiative is under analysis.”

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Other decisions

In March, the Procon of São Paulo Apple fined R $ 10 million for selling iPhones without a charger, Among other charges. The agency says the company has not provided a convincing explanation for discarding the supplement.

Samsung also sells a line of Galaxy S21 phones without chargers in the box, but it hasn’t been fined yet. Before the devices were launched in Brazil, the South Korean company Procon-SP said It was also in your eyes after notifying Apple. But when the S21 line was launched here, Samsung Agreement entered into with Procon-SP: Anyone who bought devices in the pre-sale period will take a “free gift” charger.

In January, a judge from Sao Paulo Cancel an order from an Apple customer, Who sued the company for selling iPhones without a charger, accusing it of “bundling” to force consumers to spend more by purchasing the accessory separately. The 20 W USB-C charger compatible with iPhone 12 is currently being sold on Apple’s official website for R $ 219.

According to Judge Guilherme Lopes Alves Lamas, of the Special Civil and Criminal Court of Piracicaba, the judiciary “does not have the power to” interfere so radically with the contract that prevents the defendant [Apple] Change your pricing policy, because, after all, in Brazil, capitalism is there. “

But in other countries, the company had to change its strategy to follow the law. In France, for example, IPhone is sold in two cases Because the company is required by law to include headphones with the device, but not the charger.

The death of the porter

Apple was the first major cell phone maker to announce that it would no longer sell its phones with the charger included in the package – a decision affecting its operations around the world.

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The justification is that the decision is part of his “commitment to the environment”. The company said removing the charger and headphone from the boxes “further reduces carbon emissions, and prevents mining and the use of valuable materials.” “The result is a smaller, lighter package, allowing for a 70% increase in the number of crates on each pallet.”

After Apple, more companies have joined the wave, in addition to the aforementioned Samsung. Xiaomi China has launched its latest edition, Mi 11, With an optional accessory —- Clients can choose to take smart phone Without the charger in the box “to save the environment” or keep it in the package at no additional cost.

Recently, the global Finnish company HMD, the owner of the Nokia brand, also launched mid-range phones in Europe Without charger in the box. In Brazil, the company Nokia 5.4 has just been launched, But it does come with the accessory included in the package.