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The government publishes a list of names of Brazilians who have been called to account;  Verify and avoid paying fines

The government publishes a list of names of Brazilians who have been called to account; Verify and avoid paying fines

Small business owners had to submit the simplified annual declaration to the government by May 31. Avoid fines and keep your MEI status updated with the Federal Revenue Service.

this week, tax authority He issued a statement that left many individual small business owners reeling. The notice highlighted the necessity of sending Simplified Annual Announcement (DASN-SIMEI) Until this Friday May 31.

The declaration, which must be issued annually, includes details of the small business owner’s revenue in the previous year, in this case, 2023. Dassin-Semi It is important for the Federal Revenue Service to check whether small entrepreneurs can continue to fall into the MEI category.

This category requires a maximum annual sales figure of 81 thousand Brazilian riyals. Furthermore, sending this declaration regularly allows MEI to avoid late fines. The deadline is necessary to avoid complications and additional fees. know more.

Accountability to the government.
The deadline for submitting the simplified annual declaration is May 31. Learn how to avoid fines and ensure your MEI is regular. (Photo: Publicity).

What is the importance of the annual simplified advertisement?

  • Filing a simplified annual return is not just a bureaucratic formality. It plays an essential role in maintaining the status of small business owners.

When declaring annual profits, MEI proves to the Federal Revenue Service that its revenues fall within the limits specified for this category. This ensures that it continues to enjoy the tax and legal benefits offered to individual small entrepreneurs.

If the small business owner does not send the declaration within the deadline, which ended last Friday, he will be subject to a fine of not less than R$50.

This value may increase depending on the delay time. The fine amounts to 2% per month on the total amount of declared taxes, and is limited to 20%. Therefore, delayed delivery may result in significant fees.

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How to submit a MEI announcement?

To avoid these penalties, MEI must submit a simplified annual declaration using available digital tools. One option is to use the MEI app, which is available for download. Another alternative is to submit it via the Simples Nacional Portal.

  • In both cases, the small business owner will need to report the CPF and CNPJ of the small business, as well as submit the balance of the previous year’s revenue.

The application process is relatively simple, but it is essential that the small business owner have all the necessary information on hand. This includes total annual revenue, which must be entered correctly to avoid future problems.

  • Accuracy of the declaration is essential to ensure compliance with tax requirements And maintain MEI status.

Keeping up with the annual streamlined advertising is a crucial responsibility for any small business owner.

Morning news.

Not only does it ensure continuity of tax benefits, but it also avoids unnecessary fines that may negatively impact the financial health of the company. With the deadline closing on Friday, it is imperative that all MFIs organize themselves and submit their statements on time.

Using available digital tools, such as the MEI app and the Simples Nacional portal, the process becomes easier and more practical. Do not miss the deadline and avoid penalties, thus ensuring the continuity of your business within the legal regulations set by the Federal Revenue Service.

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