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Former General Manager of Itaipu Binacional, General Joaquim Silva e Luna, has been nominated by Bolsonaro to head Petrobras Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

The government places 7 names on Petrobras, including General Silva and Luna, who are closer to the presidency now

Rio – The government has registered seven of the eight candidates for a vacancy on Petrobras’ board of directors An extraordinary meeting On this Monday. One of those elected is General Joachim Silva e Luna, who is now closer to assuming the presidency of the company.

With the new composition of the university determined, the board still has to meet to confirm the name Silva and LunaAppointed by President Jair Bolsonaro to lead the state-owned company in place of Roberto Castillo Branco. According to the sources, this meeting may take place in the coming days.

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at Your blogGLOBO columnist Lauro Jardim has predicted that after being elected president, Silva and Luna are expected soon to make a management change that satisfies the president: expect to return to work face to face.

He would have determined the appointment in previous meetings with Petrobras’ directors and directors. The Petrobras main office was set until June, but there was consensus in the board to extend it until December.

Former General Manager of Itaipu Binacional, General Joaquim Silva e Luna, has been nominated by Bolsonaro to head Petrobras Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

According to the writer, in addition to dissatisfaction with the fuel adjustments practiced by the company, in line with the policy of passing differences in the price of the dollar and oil on the international market, Bolsonaro also had complaints about the remote work system adopted by the company president in the epidemic.

Seven other new managers

At the shareholders ’meeting, the following government candidates were also elected: Admiral Eduardo Basilar Lille Ferreira (who was reappointed Chairman of the Board of Directors); Roy Flack Schneider Marcio Andrade Weber-Murillo Marochem de Souza; Sonia Julia Solzbeek Villalobos; And Cynthia Santana Silvera.

The total number of seats in the council is 11, but there were eight seats in the council.

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Minority shareholders, who had already secured two guaranteed seats and fielded four candidates, elected another seat on Monday: attorney Marcelo Gasparino, a member of the board of directors of other companies such as Vale and Cemig, and a member of the Financial Council. Petrobras itself.

Weber’s name was even announced by the Petrobras People committee in charge of evaluating the applications. However, he won a place. The association’s government representative, attorney Maria Teresa Lima, said she saw no problems with his nomination.

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Frustrated crime

The minority shareholders’ attempt to expand their presence on the board was unsuccessful and they continued to hold three of the 11 board seats.

In an effort to broaden their voice at the decision-making table, minority shareholders launched four nominations. Attorney Leonardo Antonelli and banker Juka Abdullah, the state’s largest private shareholder, surrendered and did not participate in the electoral process.

Another name, Pedro Rodriguez, was declared ineligible by the People’s Committee and was not elected. Thus, Gasparino only won a place.

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As a result, minority shareholders have continued to claim the three seats they have held since last year, as Marcelo Mesquita and Rodrigo Mesquita continue their duties.

Marcio Weber, an elected member of the Petrobras Council on the recommendation of the Federation was also Advertise disqualified By the people’s committee. But he was still elected. The government representative, attorney Maria Teresa Lima, said she saw no problems with Webber’s nomination.

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Castillo Branco is deprived

Before the vote on the new formation of the company, the shareholders agreed to exclude Roberto Castillo Branco from the board of directors with the support of 58.28% of the attendees.

The consortium voted to leave the executive branch and was accompanied by BNDES, the relevant partner of the oil company. Fund representatives from Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal and Previ abstained. In practical terms, 21.88% of the shareholders opposed the departure of the executive branch and 19.8% abstained from voting.

Tense weather

The council began with an argument. In his speech, Marcelo Gasparino, elected to the board of directors as a representative of minority shareholders and a member of the Financial Council, highlighted the difference between remote polling and score on the unified voting map, with different versions of ballot papers in Portuguese and English.

My question is because of the standardized map of the remote ballot. There are differences raised between voting and score on the map. So, my suggestion is to suspend the assembly to review the vote count – said Gasparino.

Petrobras, through its technical field, said there was no disagreement and declined a request for comment. Daniel Ferreira, a member of the Finance Council, has expressed concern about the differences between the B3 and Petrobras systems.

– It is a complex situation that must be followed with assembly. “We never had three independent members competing for a place,” Ferrera said, but the request was still rejected.

High in detonated fuel interference

The crisis began in Petrobras in February, when President Jair Bolsonaro resigned Roberto Castillo Branco The leadership of the state-owned company, after the executive authority agreed to increase the prices of gasoline and diesel. The move dismayed truck drivers, a group that is part of the president’s supporter base.

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For the location of Castillo Branco, Bolsonaro appointed General Joachim Silva and Luna, Which is already the subject of a lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). Petrobras Information Board-04-2021