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(Foto: Bruna Costa/Esp.DP)

The Government of Pernambuco suspends the donation of part of the land for the Museo Espau Ciencia

Photo: Bruna Costa / Esp.DP

It was published in Thursday (15) edition of the Official Gazette of the State, by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of Pernambuco, that the State Government has decided to suspend the donation of part of the land that makes up Espaço Ciência, located in the Memorial Arcoverde, the area between Recife and Olinda. The donation of more than 8,000 square meters of Espaço Ciência was signed under the new Law No. 17940, enacted in October this year, for the installation of a data center using a submarine cable for Internet speed.

The space will be given to two private companies who intend to install a submarine cable reception point via the Internet in the place. The donation has been the target of criticism from the scientific community and action from public bodies. However, the memorandum comes with a decision to “suspend administrative procedures aimed at implementing State Law No. 17.940/2022, pending the issuance of the State Court of Auditors (TCE).”

According to the Ministry of Public Accounts (MPC-PE), the companies benefiting from the donation declared capital in federal revenues of only RO 10,000 each, but in addition to receiving land equivalent to R$ 16 million from the state, there was a promising investment of $50 million.

The case has been going on since the donation of the land in favor of Espaço Ciência, which was endorsed by Governor Paulo Camara (PSB) on October 21 of this year. As early as November, the museum’s management said it was surprised by a subpoena from private companies to “urgently” remove objects and works aimed at visitors.

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As of now the space is open to the public and operates without change to its schedules.