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The government confirms the launch of R$4.5 billion with an increase in revenue forecasts

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On Thursday (22) the federal government confirmed that there will be room to unlock R$4.5 billion from general budget, as predicted by the economic commentator in CNN The Thais are heredia earlier. The move was possible due to the expected increase in the primary net revenue for 2021 by R$43.1 billion, to R$1.476 trillion, compared to the forecast for the second two months.

The figures were released Thursday afternoon when the income and spending report for the third quarter was presented, which was attended by the special secretary for finance at the Ministry of Economy, Bruno Funchal.

The economic team also lowered the estimate of the central government’s primary deficit from 2.2% of GDP to 1.8% of GDP, totaling R$155.4 billion. In April, that percentage was 3.5%.

Part of that is an improvement in net revenue, about R$43 billion. On the expenditure front, there was an increase of R$10 billion, so the net improvement in the result is R$32 billion,” says Funchal.

The volume of extraordinary appropriations increased by 25.4 billion riyals during the month of May, to reach 124.9 billion riyals, which mainly reflects the impact of the extension of emergency aid.

The extraordinary appropriations totaled R$124.9 billion, an increase of R$25.4 billion over the amount in May, due to the extension of emergency aid, the economic team reported.

Updates in the calculations were made on the basis of the improvement in the outlook for the performance of the economy in 2021, which rose from 3.5%, expected in May, an increase of 5.3%.

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The economic team also highlights a drop in the forecast for spending on social security benefits for the year from R$891 million to R$705.948 billion. Expectations of spending on individuals and social fees also fell to R$332.355 billion, down R$3.042 billion.

family allowance

When asked if there will be room for a R$300 family grant next year, as recently announced by President Jair Bolsonaro, Funchal said that beyond expectations, yes. The value corresponds to an increase of R$190 in terms of benefits paid today.

“It is possible to make a program close to 300 Brazilian reais and it will still be possible to reserve something for some investments,” he said. He warns that this policy will put pressure on the space for new investments.

According to the secretary, the expected margin in next year’s budget “if there are no surprises” is estimated at R$25-30 billion, taking into account the ceiling rule, which limits year’s expenditures to inflation from the previous one. Year.


Of the R$ 4.5 billion, the Ministry of Education receives the highest amount, which is R$ 1,557.7 billion. Then comes the Ministry of Economy with an amount of 830 million Brazilian riyals, then the Ministry of Defense with an amount of 671.7 million Brazilian riyals.

See in the graph what the post looks like: