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The Golden State Warriors chose Gui Santos to play alongside Curry and Thompson

The Golden State Warriors chose Gui Santos to play alongside Curry and Thompson

Gui Santos was named the 55th pick in the NBA Draft by Golden State Warriors

Brazil will have another representative in NBA! This Thursday, Gui Santos was selected by Golden State Warriors Choice Number 55 in the 2022 Draft.

The winger, who played in the last season of the NBB for Minas, was chosen by the current champions and, in principle, He will be a team player alongside names like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, as well as coached by fellow countryman Lindrinho.which is part of the technical staff of Golden State.

Before enlisting, Gui Santos had already talked about the training he did with the Warriors and hope to enter the NBA. “Out of the teams I coached, one of them was the Golden State Warriors, the NBA champions, and being in this place, in this amazing structure, was an amazing experience. I did my best and had the opportunity to enter the NBA. Best gift, “I can win,” he said through his advisor.

right Now Brazil has 16 players who have shaped the history of the NBAbecause 3 – Paulo Prestes, Oscar Schmidt and Marquinhos Abdallah – could not act. Currently, there are 2 Brazilians in the business In the best basketball in the world: Rawlzinhowho played last season for Washington Wizards He is now a free agent, and Didi Lozadawho belongs to Portland Trail Blazers.

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