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The Fox Terrier puppy has officially been named the world’s oldest dog at 22 years old

Do you know who the dog is? Oldest in the world? It is a female fox terrier called Pebbles. Pebbles lives with their owners in South Carolina, USA, and has been officially certified as the world’s largest dog, at 22 years and 59 days old.

At first, the family wanted to adopt a big breed dogwhen they saw little puppy for the first time. What Pebbles lacks in stature, she makes up for in her character.

When Bobby looked around at the shelter, he noticed the dog that followed him and ran next to him every time he passed. “She was jumping and barking at Bobby so much that he had no choice but to catch her,” Julie said. He continued, “It was the second momentary love that the two met.”

Dog in the Guinness Book of Records

Teachers Bobby Taylors and Julie Gregory decided to apply for Guinness World Records recognition for pebbles after reading about Toby Keith. It’s one Chihuahua The 21-year-old took the title in April.

Bobby was sitting on the sofa and friends and family started texting and calling about a story they had seen about a Puppy The 21-year-old, who took the record, said Guinness World Records. “When I saw Tobeketh’s story all over the news, I applied.”

so when Guinness took notice, certifying the age of the Pebbles, she only had one thing to do. The small dog has been named the oldest surviving dog in the world.

best age

According to the teachers, Pebbles was born on March 28, 2000. He remains healthy and active – especially at night, to this day. “Pebbles are like a teenager who likes to sleep during the day and stay up all night,” Julie said.

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Once Pebbles wake up from their beauty nap, they eat and drink before staying up all night. Sadly, the little dog was widowed in 2017 when her partner, also a Rocky Fox Terrier, passed away at the age of 16. Together, the pups had 24 pups in three different births. “We castrated Rocky because we thought it was unhealthy for Pebbles to have more litters,” Julie said.

Every once in a while, Peebles venture out into the backyard to play under a palm tree and walk with his beloved teacher Bobby. The little dog loves the summer, as it sits on the steps of the pool and basks.

Incredibly, Pebbles still have a huge appetite. In 2012, her vet put her on a meat-based diet with more protein. To celebrate his 22nd birthday, the little dog got a pile of ribs and a hot bubble bath.

In addition to the typical symptoms that accompany aging, Pebbles are in great health. “Most people who know Pebbles can’t believe how long they have lived. They always joke about it and tell us all the time how amazing it is that we still have them, and how most of them know us over 20 years ago and remember when we adopted them,” continued Jolie.

“We feel really proud. Pebbles have been with us in everything; the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, and they have always been a beacon of our lives,” concludes the teacher.