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The fourth wave reminds us of the difference between truth and science

The fourth wave reminds us of the difference between truth and science

What if, instead of a funny spectacle, the small theater of virologists and scientists was an indicator of Italian virtue? A small step back to cut the chase. A small step back, necessary, can only begin here: from the gradual entry of our country to the fourth wave of the epidemic. A new phase, unexpected in some ways, is forcing many observers to grapple with a painful cultural phenomenon to which The Economist this week devoted an interesting editorial. The topic is this: Our new nature cannot ignore the fact that unpredictability will continue to run our lives for a long time.. Unpredictability, of course, is a broad concept that relates primarily to our economy, our confidence in the future, and our tendency to take risks, but it is a concept that, upon closer examination, relates specifically to our relationship with what is today the true thermometer of our existence: science and our relationship with scientists.

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