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The fourth installment is paid to Bolsa Família

The fourth installment is paid to Bolsa Família

On this Monday (07/19), beneficiaries who received 1 NIS will receive the fourth batch of emergency aid. Check the dates.

According to its own schedule, Bolsa Família beneficiaries always receive emergency aid in the last 10 working days of each month. The dates vary depending on the social identification number of each family unit. Thus, the Fourth batch of emergency aid Payment will be made on Monday, July 19, 2021, to those who have a shekel ending in the number ‘1’.

Funds can be transferred through the Caixa Tem app (Android and iOS). Through the platform, it is possible Check Balance, make online payments and make bank transfers, Including Pix. In addition, the fourth installment of emergency aid can also be drawn through the traditional cards of the program: “Citizen” or “Bolsa Família”.

Fourth batch of emergency aid for Bolsa Familia

Transfers of the fourth batch of emergency aid were was expected For CadÚnico members and citizens who have been in the program since last year. For this audience, payment began last Saturday (17/07), taking into account the month of the recipients’ birthdays. On the other hand, Bolsa Família recipients have a regular transfer schedule.

This is always the last 10 business days of each month based on the final NIS. Keep track of the indicated dates Fourth batch of Bolsa Família beneficiaries:

Final number shekels Payment dates
shekel 1 July 19, 2021
2 shekels 20 July 2021
3 shekels July 21, 2021
4 shekels July 22, 2021
5 shekels 23 July 2021
6 shekels 26 July 2021
7 shekels 27 July 2021
8 shekels 28 July 2021
9 shekels 29 July 2021
0 shekels 30 July 2021
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For Bolsa Família, more useful Between the program itself and emergency assistance. The idea is to keep the payment logic until October 2021. Since then, the government intends to finalize the emergency aid calendar, thus proceeding with the usual transfers of aid Bolsa Familia . Program.