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The founder of Cuiaba was at the center of the attack, but he was a goalkeeper and a hero in Palmeiras – 08/21/2021

Palmeiras will face Cuiaba on Sunday (22), for the first time, at Allianz Parque, at 11 am. The youngest player in the first division, with only 20 years of age, was founded in 2001 by former player Gaúcho, a successful striker at Flamengo, in the 1990s. Palmeiras, but also for one match, 1 shirt.

The match in which the striker played in the goal took place in the 1988 Brazilian nationals and brought a series of extraordinary coincidences. First of all, Palmeiras’ opponent that afternoon was Flamengo himself, at the time taken out by Tele Santana. Gaucho started at the Reserve Bank. During the match, coach Ennio Andrade put him in the place of striker Silvio.

Palmeiras won 1-0 with a goal by Mauro “Van Basten” until 46 of the second stage. At that point, goalkeeper Zetti, then at Palmeiras, who shone in São Paulo de Tele years later, fractured his right leg. Because the rule at the time only allowed two changes, which had already been made, Gaucho went to goal and received a header scored by Bebeto.

That year, tied matches went to penalties, for an extra point. “I will defend and we will win,” Gaucho told reporter Marcelo Resende at TV Globo’s microphone. And it was. Gaucho defended two players from Al Diar and Zinho, who will become an important player in Palmeiras. The video with a report on the game can easily be found on YouTube.

Gaucho was a victim of witchcraft

Even the interview with reporter Marcelo Rezende was a coincidence of that match – in this case, very tragic. Just like a journalist, Gaucho, a cancer victim, died in danger of being exacerbated by quackery.

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After his retirement, Gaucho moved to Mato Grosso with his wife, Inês Galvão, an actress, to take care of farms he owned in the state. But he couldn’t get away from football. In 2001, he decided to establish Cuiaba Sport Club.

Gaucho lived in Goiás when he discovered that he had a Prostate cancer, in 2008. He underwent traditional treatment for a long time. But the former player was very upset about the side effects. And he decided to go to Paraguay to try an experimental treatment with stem cells and testosterone, circa 2011.

For a while, the player felt fine, and his recovery was announced by doctor Desio Basso, who was banned from playing sports in Brazil. But soon the symptoms returned. Gaucho and his wife struggled to get the money paid for the treatment back and returned to Rio de Janeiro, where he returned to traditional treatment. But in 2016, he could not resist and died at the age of 52.

Palmeiras is looking to win the best first round

Palmeiras begins a three-match streak against Cuiaba that could lead them to their best career tour of Brazil. If they win on Sunday, and also beat Atletico PR (at home) and Ciara (away), they will reach 41 points and over 39 points in 2019.

With the passage of time until the cup semi-finals Editors, which will start only on September 21, in the same Allianz Parque, against Atletico MG, coach Abel Ferreira, represented by assistant Vitor Castanheira, since he is suspended, must only maintain physical wear and tear in his squad.

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CUIABA X . palm trees

reason: Brazilian Championship, 17th round

Location and time: Allianz Park, 11 a.m.

Rule: Anderson Daronko, Do RS

Auxiliaries: Rafael Alves and Michael Stanislaw, both from RS

where: Jean-Pierre Gonsalves Lima, Republika Srpska

Palm trees: Waverton. Marcos Rocha (Mike), Luan and Gustavo Gómez (Renan), Bequerz; Danilo, costume of Raphael (Philip Melo), Rafael Vega and Scarpa (Dodo); Wesley (Feron) and Daverson (Ron). Artistic: Vitor Castanhera

Cuiaba: Walter. Lucas, Marlon; Paulau, Ramon; belt, Yuri, Oremer, Clayson; Bibi and Elton. Technician: Jorginho