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The former Corinthians defender uses "dirty" motives and criticizes the coach against VP

The former Corinthians defender uses “dirty” motives and criticizes the coach against VP

The Corinthians would have to live in a slightly complicated situation to accept him in their council and also his admirers. Former Corinthians coach, Vitor Pereira, Refer his departure to lead Flamengo🇧🇷 The Portuguese ended up leaving Timão, after claiming that he would need to return to Portugal to take care of his mother-in-law’s health problem and that he would not be going to any club.

The situation is already causing a lot of repercussions because of the way it was presented and for the reasons Vítor Pereira claimed not wanting to stay on the cube. Former Alfinegra defender Fabio Luciano commented on the coach’s move and said the Portuguese was “sloppy” about using his family as a reason, even for fans like Corinthians.

“Vítor Pereira used it, then later he can charge me The dirtiest excuse anyone could use for making a move like thatwhich is the family, as an excuse for a huge crowd like Corinthians,” the former player said on the show. Sports Center Give ESPN.

The current commentator also touched on the point where at several moments of the season the fans were on the side of the coach and against some of the players.

🇧🇷Corinthians fans have weighed in on idols, such as Cassio and Wagner, to defend Vitor Pereira🇧🇷 He concluded by saying that we saw many movements this year from criticism of the players and the coach’s defense of a system that did not work at times.

It is worth noting that Vitor Pereira had more serious problems with Roger Geddes and also with Wagner, in the last stage of the season. With striker and coach Cost more effort during trainingalready with the side he ended up being left in some games in reserve, What causes dissatisfaction with athletes🇧🇷 In both cases, part of the audience sided with the Portuguese.

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Now, with the coach gone, Timão has Frando Lázaro to lead his team. The new coach begins his work on December 15, at CT Joaquim Grava, when Corinthians begins the 2023 pre-season.

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