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The five pillars of weight loss

The five pillars of weight loss

explore How to lose belly fat fast It is the desire of all people who are a little overweight. After all, the abdomen is one of the areas where fat accumulates most often. Which, in this way, tends to generate aesthetic discomfort in people. However, it is always worth remembering that overweight and obesity are health problems and therefore require specialized treatment.

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However, in addition to medical supervision, it is also necessary to have the willpower and discipline to lose weight. In other words, knowing how to lose belly fat fast has nothing to do with any magic weight loss formula. On the contrary, it is necessary to have, above all, consistency.

To help you find a safe and effective path, with the help of your physical education teacher and sports advisor, Leandro TwainWe've broken down the five most important pillars of weight loss. So, you will finally know how to get rid of belly fat fast. paying off:

How to lose belly fat fast

1. Stay in a calorie deficit. In other words, when you diet, try to consume fewer calories than your body uses. “You can't achieve the calorie deficit that exercise helps promote by just exercising,” Twain says. “That's why you need to reduce calories in your diet.”

2. Exercise. “Everyone is welcome and there is no difference in the speed of burning fat no matter what. What matters is energy expenditure. What matters is the number of beats per minute. For most of us, something close to 150 beats per minute,” recommends the trainer.

3. Abs training. “By increasing hypertrophy in this area, you can improve aesthetics. This sounds very basic, but when we see it in practice, people do completely different exercises than other muscle groups. For example, the abdominal muscles every day with very high repetitions, movements short, etc. “None of this will be effective for hypertrophy; you have to treat the abdomen like any other muscle,” he explains.

4. Don't forget your lower back. “As the abdomen enlarges, we can improve the aesthetics of the abdomen by also helping to tighten the skin. However, when you do exercises that focus on the lower back and enlarge these muscles, this also helps. After all, it is part of the same procedure,” says the professor. To avoid sagging.

5. Stop thinking about spot fat. “Under no circumstances will we be able to lose local fat, we will only lose fat as a whole. Getting the rest of the body bulked up is extremely important, because when you're trying to lose belly fat, the other parts are likely to be very dry, and if you don't have muscle mass , you will look sick. If you are still not convinced, remember what I said about the enlarged abdomen that helps with sagging abdomen, and this can apply to other areas as well. The entire body helps you improve sagging abdomen because the skin is one. Thus the whole body swells“, finishes the twin.

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