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The first Easter egg is discovered on Xbox 20 years later

The first Easter egg is discovered on Xbox 20 years later

The console still has at least one big secret hidden since its launch

a X-Box The original version will be 20 in November 2021 and to commemorate MicrosoftAnd some of the people involved in designing the console, talk and reveal some secrets about the device. One of these discoveries was revealed by one of the console developers, who Reveal the Easter egg that has been hidden for 20 years.

The developer, who has not been identified, contacted the portal Kotaku To reveal how the secret was accessed, which was well kept in the system X-Box. According to him, the Easter egg was so well hidden that he “didn’t really expect to find it, unless the source code was leaked or someone had reverse engineered the dashboard.”

Activation and secret is the same< EggsBox >> “Famous, which was shown Credits screen after user names extract CD Vote with this title. However, this process is somewhat different: it is necessary to write “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” At exactly 26 years old.

Credits: Reproduction / Microsoft

Because of this name, it is possible to understand why no one has discovered it yet, but why you want to do it today: the portal Kotaku He warns that it is only necessary to type Y until the text field is completely complete, after which, replace the last letter with an exclamation mark.

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But unlike EggsBox, the unveiled new Easter egg doesn’t work right away. The user should wait until the music CD is completely extracted, and then, access to the “System Information” folder, which is It will display the credits for the developers Xbox dashboard.

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“I decided to share it now because it’s been 20 years and I thought it would be nice for people to know that it really is. I know a lot of sites like to track this kind of thing, and not everyone on that list works with Microsoft anymore.”
– The developer of Kotaku mentioned.

Another detail raised by the report is that the other Easter egg on the console is still hidden. This is because it is in 2017 Seamus Blakely, Commonly known as “the father.” X-BoxHe posted on his Twitter account that no secret has been revealed yet, and confirmed that this new secret was not what he was referring to in the tweet.

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Blackley confirmed fan theories that an Easter egg is being activated during the introductory animation for X-Box I pray but haven’t talked about how to activate it. Additionally, he assured that he was not aware of the existence of “Timmyyyy …!” , Leaving doubts about how many secrets few people on the console know about.

Source: KotakuAnd the Engadget