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The first day of negotiations between Botafogo and John Textor moves to a happy ending with the signing of SAF

The first day of negotiations between Botafogo and John Textor moves to a happy ending with the signing of SAF

A busy day of meetings, but that ended with the hope of a happy ending. Botafogo John Textor walked toward a positive agreement. The American went to Nelton Santos Stadium This Saturday to resolve the recent amendments to the SAF contract and took a further step to submit a binding offer to purchase 90% of SAF from Alvinegro.

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The American arrived at the scene shortly after 10 am. There, he watched the match of Crystal Palace, the club that also has shares in England, and He even published a post praising Brazil and Botafogo. After the battle, a round of negotiations began with Glorioso’s representatives.

Today was based on conversations about statutory clauses and their “modification” in the sense of contract modifications. Textor accompanied his lawyers and advisors from “Matix Capital”, a firm he hired to help him in the matter of relations with Alvinegro.

On the Botafogo side, CEO Jorge Braga was also accompanied by representatives from XP, an investment firm that helped the club broker negotiations with Eagle Holdings, John’s Company. Dorchesio Melo, President of Alfinegro, followed up the details with video and calls To be diagnosed with Covid-19 during the week.

During the negotiations, guidelines on the “minimum budget” – Subject to this LANCE! Detailed in an article on the numbers given by Textor Sports goals were the most visible. Each side, of course, wanted to “defend their side”. At the end of the day, the balance ended up being positive, with the parties nearing completion.

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Botafogo wants to be safe and secure for the future. One of the items raised by the club is that there is a budget floor in relation to the previous year’s total revenue, something to try to ensure exponential investments to make the team competitive season after season, as “Ge” brought.

John Textor was not in favor of setting “fixed” mathematical goals – i.e., for Botafogo to have commitment To win something in ten years. The businessman understands that the football operation is not an “accurate calculation”, but can provide resources for “facilitating the way”.

In this arm wrestling match, both parties gave little and the result after more than four hours of meetings and conversations was positive. The new terms, when closed, will be disclosed to the Deliberation Board. There is a possibility that Textor will sign the binding offer on Sunday. If that happens, Botafogo will have 60 days to start moving to the new owner.