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The FGTS application provides counseling to the Extraordinary Saque

The FGTS application provides counseling to the Extraordinary Saque

Caixa Econômica Federal Friday (8) launched a new version of the FGTS application, with functionality to consult information about the FGTS Extraordinary Withdrawal. Under the new version, workers who have the right to withdraw will be able to go back to the exact date and amount that will be restricted. It will also be possible to include registration information to create a digital social savings account.

According to the bank, the app will allow a worker to inform if they do not want to receive an FGTS Extraordinary Saque. In this case, the FGTS account will not be debited.

Also in the new version of the FGTS application, even if the amounts have already been restricted, the worker can choose to roll back the automatic balance in the Digital Social Savings Account until November 10, 2022.

In cases where the amounts are restricted and the account is not operational until December 15, 2022, the funds will be returned to the account FGTSDuly corrected and without any damage to the worker.


From this Friday it will also be possible through the page fgts.caixa.gov.br Check if the worker qualifies for the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal, as well as credit history, according to the payment schedule.

unusual withdrawal

Called exceptional withdrawal, the action will happen only once, taking into account the available balance on the date of debiting the FGTS account, up to a maximum of R$1,000 per worker.

If the owner has more than one FGTS account, then the withdrawal is carried out in the following order: first, accounts related to extinct employment contracts, starting with the account with the lowest balance; Then the other linked accounts, starting with the one with the lowest balance.

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Amounts withheld from the account FGTSas collateral for credit operations in anticipation of Saque Aniversário, for example.


The payment will be made from April 20 to June 15, and provides for the withdrawal of nearly R$30 billion by some 42 million workers. Credit is given in a staggered manner, according to the calendar below, which follows the worker’s month of birth.

new copy

The new version of the app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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