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The festival, which seeks to discuss science and technology in a relaxed way, brings researchers together at a “bar table”. Itapetininga and region

The event is being held in Itapetininga (SP) for the third time – Image: Pint of Science Brasil/Disclosure

He provided a relaxed environment, such as bars and restaurants, where scholars and even young students could talk about various forms of science and topics important to the city at the time. This is the proposal of the “Pint of Science Brasil” event, where participants can discuss science and technology while enjoying a beer.

Under the motto “To the Flag”, the event arrives for the third time in Itapitinga (SP) on Tuesday (23) and Wednesday (24). Some of the topics that will be covered will be the installation of the Sorocabana Railway, the role of the municipality in the São Paulo Revolution of 1924, the popular movement against the Sol Paulista Corporation, the energy company of the time, and even the purpose of mathematics, with the participation of local researchers.

Pint of Science Brazil

Pint of Science Brasil will participate in 124 cities in 2023, including 20 state capitals and the Federal District, as well as more than 600 researchers and specialists.

The audience for this year expected 20,000 people, surpassing the average participant in previous years.

The aim of the festival is to make science more accessible to the population, speaking on topics ranging from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to contemporary issues such as politics, law, history and technology.

The event is organized by more than 300 people and is supported by many universities and research institutions.

Pint of Science Brasil will take place May 23-24 in Itapitinga (SP) – Image: Pint of Science/Disclosure

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