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The Federal Revenue begins consultation on the first batch of IRPF 2023 refunds on Wednesday

The Federal Revenue begins consultation on the first batch of IRPF 2023 refunds on Wednesday

Federal Revenue opens consultation on first batch IR refunds

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The first payment of refunds from Individual Income Tax 2023 He will be available for consultation from 10 a.m. this Wednesday, the 24th, notified tax authority. Considered by the organization as the largest in history, approximately R$7.5 billion will be distributed.

The group includes 4.1 million taxpayers on a priority waiting list, such as seniors over 80, people with disabilities, educators, and those who submitted the pre-filled statement or chose to receive a refund through PIX. This payment also includes remaining refunds from previous years.

Payments will be made via Revenue on May 31st. To check if a refund will be available, the taxpayer must reach out to Internal Revenue website And click on the items “My income tax” and “Check refund”.

See payment dates for refunds:

  • First payment: May 31st
  • Second batch: June 30th
  • Third batch: July 31
  • Fourth batch: August 31
  • Fifth batch: September 29

Tax return submission started on March 15th and ends on May 31st at 11:59pm. As of Monday, the 22nd, Federal Revenue has received more than 27 million ads. It is expected to reach 39.5 million by the end of the term.

Who should declare an IR?

People with taxable income above R$28,559.70 in 2022 will need to submit the accounts offer to the tax authorities. This category fits, for example, the salary earned by a professional working under the CLT system. The data to be completed this year refer to the base year 2022.

How is an IRPF declared?

To download the Federal Revenue program, simply go to the agency’s official website or click here. The platform is available for Windows, MacOS, Apple and Linux computer systems. For mobile phones, it is possible to download the application in Android and iOS versions.

It is also possible to file the declaration online through the E-CAC, the federal revenue system. If the taxpayer chooses this function, it will not be necessary to download any software (either on a computer or on a mobile phone). Access is possible through a password on Gov.br from the Federal Government.

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