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The Fazenda 15 party is marked by punishment, urination on the grass, and score-settling · TV News

The Fazenda 15 party is marked by punishment, urination on the grass, and score-settling · TV News

Workers at A Fazenda 15 enjoyed another party on Friday night (29). Rachel Scheherazade and Shayan Haqbin took the opportunity to settle scores after a controversial speech by the journalist. Participants also received a penalty and will remain without coffee for 12 hours. Kaley Fonseca got angry when Darlan Cunha caught her urinating on the grass.

The former SBT spoke with the Iranian during the event and explained what she meant when she said the group of self-styled children served as “oppressors” in confinement.

“They tried to distort my speech, used their mobile phones to discredit me abroad, to cancel what I said and play the victim. It didn’t work. It didn’t work so much that I came back from the countryside. “It was deliberate. Do not think that it struck their hearts, because it did not. This is a game strategy to beat me up and make me feel bad,” the blonde began.

“I know what you said. I said that people who are some of the minorities out there who have been historically oppressed and oppressed are playing the role of oppressors here in the game. I don’t understand a single point of what you said. They want to use it as if I attacked them because they are minorities,” he said. “They are not minorities here, they are the majority.”

“But these minorities… I can’t explain it well, I understand a little. But there are some things in this situation that I can interpret incorrectly,” said one pedestrian.

The former blind wedding party also said that Tonzão Chagas vented and felt emotional. He advised the journalist to talk to him. “If he feels offended, he should come to me,” the caller replied.

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She said Cesar Black called her to talk after the speech. He pointed out that “they are trying to make themselves a victim and demonize me in the game. I will not accept this game. It is a lowly and dirty game. And the people there are watching.”

Rachel also highlighted that she is a minority because she is from the North East and is a woman. Cheyenne stated that if he had been in this situation, he would have talked to people who did not understand the conversation. But the former broadcaster said Tonzao was smart and understood exactly what she meant.

Break the rule

Lily Nobre and Jacqueline Grohalski were given a penalty for taking food from the party to headquarters. Farmer of the Week Andre Gonsalves read the production message on the big screen in the room.

“It is forbidden to take objects, drinks and food from tests, activities or parties into the main headquarters or the animal area. If you fail to adhere to the rule, the entire group will be punished. You will be without coffee for 12 hours. “…But there is tea,” the actor launched.

“You’re kidding me,” Carriocha complained. “No coffee is better than no water,” Cheyenne said. “It was me and Lily,” the former BBB postulated. He added: “We wanted to relieve ourselves, and we were at the door waiting for it to be opened for us…”

The two apologized and said they had forgotten the rule. Jojo Tudinho’s competitor said: “I would be afraid without coffee… how bad it would be. He leaves cold water and there is no bathroom.”

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Rebelliousness after urination

Callie was angry that Darlan had witnessed the moment she peed on the grass outside. “He said, ‘Are you peeing? If there was no peeing, do you think I would have walked from there to here to pee? I was on the grass. Tomorrow I will go there and drink water.'” The singer said.

“Gossip, hellhound. He’s a big head, jealous. He thinks I’m afraid of him, doesn’t he? And he still comes to see me pee? Let me pee wherever I want, buddy. I’ll beat him up.” “Up. When I get out of here, I’ll catch him like he used to do in school. Brat,” she fumed.

“Lucky for him [Darlan] I still haven’t said what I wanted to say. If I open my mouth here, I’m afraid too. The broadcaster added: “If I open my mouth… I act like I’m crazy so I can pass better.” “I’ll break his face… I’m just not breaking his face because I’ll be fired. Ugly thing, fooling me is stupid,” he complained.

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