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“The faster the economy goes down, the better,” says the manager.

“The faster the economy goes down, the better,” says the manager. Photo: reproduction.

Last Saturday (25th), during an event promoted by Nord Research and sponsored by BTG Pactual, Luiz Parreiras, Director of Multiple Markets and Partner Verde Asset, said, “It’s shocking to say, but the faster the economy descends, the better.”

The phrase was said when talking about the effects of high interest rates on the economy, because despite the negative interest rate of 13.25%, the economy is not showing signs of “slowing down”, which could allow the central bank to close the monetary cycle. tighten.

According to Barreras, the country’s economy takes time to improve because the government keeps bringing in money without any planning, creating a cycle that fuels inflation. In this logic, for the specialist, BC alone fights against rising prices.

“The government is a partner in inflation,” the director said, and continued, “instead of removing the stimulus, the government got into this crazy thing of offering more stimulus. Emergency aid was supposed to be temporary and it became more and more permanent. The CEO kept moving on gas pedal “.

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