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Crédito: Reprodução Record TV

The farm: Rico says he’ll charge live production to omit the alleged aggression

Rico Melquiades (credit: TV playback recording)

Rico Melquiades Still not happy with the fact that Dinho Alves He was not kicked out of “A Fazenda 13”, by Record, after an alleged assault on him. During a conversation on Saturday (09), with Aline Mineiro and Diane Melo, the comedian spoke about.

According to Rico, the dancer set foot during the public fight that took place last Thursday (07) to fall.

In a conversation with Megan, Melquiades said: “My friend, I lost my balance three times. I saw that he did this (crawl movement) on my feet. But it’s okay, the production didn’t do anything, well, but I’ll say it live.”

Understanding the fight

After dumping ballerina Erica Schneider, this Thursday (7), Rico ended up causing a mess when he dumped coffee powder away from the farmhouse. This made Dynho Alves outsmart the pawn, and it almost actually hits the blows.

While Rico Melquiades and Diane Melo were talking, “I’m glad Brazil is watching,” Tate Kuipera Baraco said about the dancer’s elimination.

“You see so much that you took your friend Mosonzinho,” the comedian replied. The two argued for a long time, until Tate grabbed a cup of coffee to drink, giving Rico a sinister idea.

The pawn went to the storeroom to get coffee and throw everything away, and began a general battle with the other pawns, who decided to challenge his boldness.

Dynho Alves chased the comedian, nearly hitting him, while other pedestrians tried to block him and harassed Rico: “Hit me! Hit me!”.

Amid the confusion, Rico claimed that Dynho was going to try to overthrow him, and put his foot in front of him for him to fall.

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