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The Farm: Bell hints that Erica could be Juliet on this reality show

In a conversation with Erasmo Viana, at dawn on Wednesday (6), Bill Araujo said that the pedestrian’s prejudices with ballerina Erica Schneider draw parallels to something that happened in “Big Brother Brasil 21”, in which Bill participated.

“Something going on here happened on my first reality show, bro. I don’t want to stop Erica, she had a bullshit with Mosonzinho, but prejudging the whole house over her, judging the whole house, Brazil embraces this issue, old man.” ‘ said the model.

Even after Bale’s suspension, Erasmus continues to comment on player errors in confinement.

“I don’t know if it was a silly thing. She had nothing silly. It was the set of attitudes. It wasn’t for Mosonzinho, you know? It was pitch like a farmer. Then Rico said she celebrated, yeah, [as punições causadas por ele]The businessman said.

Bell ended the conversation by saying he wouldn’t be sure of Erica unless she erred in Farmer’s proof Wednesday, competed in the public vote on Thursday, and survived.

We will find out in the countryside. Mosonzinho came out on a difficult pitch for him, and I don’t want to brag. But this field is difficult for Thiago [Piquilo]But I don’t want him to leave. day [Dayane Mello] said the model.

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