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The Farm 13's Diane Melo is eliminated with 27% of the vote - The Farm 13

The Farm 13’s Diane Melo is eliminated with 27% of the vote – The Farm 13

farm 13 It’s over for Diane Melo! The person was eliminated from the competition for the live show on Thursday (2) with 27% of the vote. The model lost contention to the public’s preference for Marina Ferrari and Solange Gomez, in a vote held at R7.com.

Roca formation

a Formation 11 Roca It happened last Tuesday (30). The night began with the opening of the Yellow Flame Power. Dynho Alves, who won the Fire Trial, gained immunity The week’s vote, but left headquarters without running water for 72 hours.

Farmer MC Gui started the game and Solange referred to Roça. by 5 votes, Rico Melquiades She took the second seat. comedian quit Diane from the Gulf.

Likes red torch power On hand, Sthefane Matos announced to her colleagues that there would be no Resta Um dynamics. The participant had to select two infantrymen who were not in Roça to face a new vote. Allen Mineiro and Marina Ferrari were selected. By a majority of 5 votes, the influencer lost the dispute and was the fourth farmer.

Marina objected to Diane over the hat dispute. And therefore , Rico wins the farmer’s test For the third time, they got rid of the popular vote.

Diane’s farm track 13

The Queen of the Gulf, Diane Melo, spent several days in the scary room. The place was also a stage for Discussion Those with Biwa, Dinho Alves, Nigo do Borrell, Mosonzinho and Victor Pecoraro at the start of the programme. The ring was taken to form Ole Roca and Diane exchanged some voices and insults with his colleagues.

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It wasn’t just the quartet that argued with the model. Diane fought practically every participant in the reality show. Belle Araujo considered her his enemy in confinement, and Marina Ferrari was also the heroine of ugly frictions with the worker. She recently had some heavy bullshit with former allies No program: Aline MineiroAnd Rico Melquiades NS Solange Gomez.

During the formation of the Ninth Rocha, Rico argued with the model, calling her a “snake dog”. The nickname resonated among opponents of Biwa, who began referring to Dayan by the new name.

But the model did not live only on nonsense. Diane was having fun and breathing from the pressure of confinement Valentina Francavilla. I left frictions with MC Gui Relations with the singer set aside and documented. The model participated in the dynamics and won the title of farmer.

Between friendships and nonsense, Diane Melo ranks eleventh on the season.

Continue farm 13! The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m.; Saturday, after City alert And the Sunday after Wonderful Sunday!

The signing of the Play Plus And access to the 24-hour broadcast of farm 13.