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The family of the first woman in Paraguay was in a building in the United States

The family of the first woman in Paraguay was in a building in the United States

ASUNCIÓN, JUN 25 (ANSA) – Six members of Paraguay’s presidential family are among the nearly 100 people missing after a residential building collapsed on a suburb of Miami, a suburb of the United States.

According to the Paraguayan newspaper Ultima Hora, they are the sister of first lady Silvana Apto, Sofia Lopez Morera, the husband of the latter, Louis Bettencill, the couple’s three-year-old children and nanny Lona Villallapa.

According to The Miami Herald, the family of President Mario Apto Benades’ wife owns units 703 and 1010 of the Sampline Towers condominium, which collapsed in the early hours of last Thursday (24).

Benedettes disrupted her activities to follow up on the news of the search, while the first lady had already boarded in Miami. According to Miami-Date County firefighters, 55 of the 136 apartments have collapsed, leaving at least one person dead but 99 still missing.

The 12-story building was built in the early 1980s on a major, seafront area near Miami Beach. US President Joe Biden has already declared a state of emergency, allowing federal aid to be sent for searches. (ANSA).

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