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The family cries with joy to see the dog that has been missing for 10 months

The family cries with joy to see the dog that has been missing for 10 months

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Conway reunites with the family who burst into tears when they saw their pet missing 10 months later.

In November 2021, the Conway family had a hard time when their pet dog disappeared from their home in Highlands County, Florida. Everyone searched everywhere for the dog, but to no avail.

Over time, the feeling of sadness became a sweet and bitter memory, of the happy moments they had with the dear family pet. But things were about to come to a happy ending.

Last week, 10 months after Conway’s disappearance, he – much thinner already – was seen walking wearily alone on the street. The dog was taken to the mayor’s office, where he began to receive some care.

Dogs can’t explain what happens when they get lost, but Conway carried the answers everyone needed. The dog had a microchip, and after a quick check, authorities already had contact information for the family.

At the reunion, the family cannot contain the feelings and collapses with tears of happiness. Netizens were also affected by the scene, which was shared on the Highlands County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

“That was really special! Thanks a lot for sharing this! I cried! One of them commented, “This kid is like, ‘Who is this dog? I actually cried while watching this video. Another commented. Another added, “This just made my eyes run down my face.”

In the post, the Animal Services Unit team warned that pet owners should use microchips, as they can make a big difference in cases like Conway’s.

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“The main goal of the Animal Services Unit is to return the animals to their owners, or if that is not possible, find a new home for them,” Scott Dressel of the sheriff’s office told The Dodo. “When we do that, it’s a win, but that’s one of the things that definitely stands out for all of us.”

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