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The expected "Simpsons" attack from Russia;  Remember other successful prophecies from this series

The expected “Simpsons” attack from Russia; Remember other successful prophecies from this series


03/03/2022 07:54:32

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In more than three decades on the air, The Simpsons has conquered the contemporary title of Nostradamus – repeating that the absurd situations narrated by the cartoon become reality after a while, just as the French seer was correct in several of his prophecies in the Middle Ages.

The most recent was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week. Many netizens recalled a 1998 episode of The Simpsons in which Russia revealed that the Soviet Union had not really been dismantled, surprising the representatives of the diplomatic meeting, and began an offensive to restore its former territory.

Thus, after revelations, the episode shows tanks hidden in floats in parade in front of the Kremlin occupying Moscow, the Berlin Wall emerging from the ground and Lenin, sleeping in a glass coffin, resurrecting, repeating like zombies the necessity of ending capitalism.”

Before the series premiered today, screenwriter Al Jean told the Hollywood Reporter that he considers the coincidence “very sad.” “There is this kind of prediction [nos ‘Simpsons’] Where we refer to something that happened in the past and is repeated – we hope it doesn’t, but unfortunately it does.”

“In 1998, when this was shown, that was probably the height of relations between Russia and the United States. But since then [o presidente russo Vladimir] Putin was elected, and almost everyone made it clear that he is a bad person and that bad things will happen. ”

This isn’t the only time The Simpsons has correctly predicted the future. Remember the others below.

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Election of Donald Trump

A chapter that aired in 2000 stated that Donald Trump was President of the United States and that Lisa Simpson had succeeded the businessman in the position. The episode aired about 15 years before Trump actually ran for the White House.
However, by the end of the 90s, the businessman had already announced his interest in running for this position, which inspired the creators of the series.

Brazil x Germany in the 2014 World Cup but without 7-1

In a March 2014 episode depicting the World Cup, which will take place months later, the animator predicted a clash between Brazil and Germany. By the way, the series correctly referred to Germany as the tournament champion, but without the humiliation of 7 to 1.

The series also described the star of the Brazilian national team, El Divo, as “the greatest master of false injury that football has ever known”. As happened with Neymar in real life, the player famous for the amazing eliminations he got in the match against Colombia and missed Brazil in the match against Germany, he ends up injured and never returns to the field.

Nobel Prize in Economics

In 2016, Bengt Holmström was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. On an episode of The Simpsons that aired in 2010, Milhouse was betting that the MIT economist would win, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.