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The European Health Agency has said that successive booster doses of Covid vaccines may threaten the immune system

The European Health Agency has said that successive booster doses of Covid vaccines may threaten the immune system

By Angelica California and Paulo Aeneas
Marco Cavalieri, head of the European Medicines Agency’s strategy on biological health threats and vaccines, has expressed doubts about the continued application of consecutive booster doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

At a press conference on Tuesday (January 11), Marco Cavalieri, representative of the European Union’s health regulator, spoke of alleged concern about the quadrennial universal vaccination strategy, as it could compromise the immune system. . There is currently no data to support this approach.

“While the use of additional boosters may be part of contingency plans, frequent vaccinations at short intervals do not represent a sustainable long-term strategy,” said Marco Cavalieri.

Cavalieri admitted that booster injections “can be done once or maybe twice”, and emphasized that the practice must be repeated constantly: “We need to think about how to move from the current pandemic scenario to a more widespread scenario.”

Instead, states should allow more time between booster programs and correlate them with the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere, according to plan laid out by influenza vaccination strategies.

The comments by the head of the European Union’s health regulatory agency came as some countries are considering giving people second boosters in an alleged attempt to provide more protection against infection with the omicron variant.

according to the knowledge of national currency Show in reportage Earlier this month, the State of Israel became the first country in the world to begin giving a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine to people over the age of 60. In turn, the UK has ruled out the need for a second booster dose for the time being. source: Bloomberg | Infosalos | Isto É . magazine.

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