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The epic battle of giant bears went viral on the networks: 'Best of all time' - News

The epic battle of giant bears went viral on the networks: ‘Best of all time’ – News

One very brave photographer one recorder from Bear’s biggest bullshit It has already been filmed. The crazy scene was posted on Reddit, where the virus has spreadwith over 80,000 likes.

In the scene, which lasts about two minutes, the bears face each other and begin to roar, their voices getting louder. but soon Roar become powerful blows.

The two men lean on a tree and exchange violent blows, until one of them falls, which usually determines the winner of the fight. As fast as it startedthe battle ends, with the biggest bears winning.

Many in the comments praised the photographer’s bravery, who did not turn away from the two animals despite using a zoom lens to capture the details of the synapse.

“The photographer is crazy. Even the birds knew from the start that they had to get out of there!” they commented.

Also in the answers everyone found out who it was brave photographer: Tero Pylkk√§nen’s Guide to the Wildlife of Finland.

The video was taken in 2019, at the Boreal Wildlife Center park. To calm everyone down, Tero was sheltered in a cabin specially created to photograph bears and other wildlife.

According to Al-Taliti newspaper’s website, the professional was only 10 meters away from the fierce confrontation between the two men.

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