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The doctor performs a free surgery for an elderly man who offers him two chickens as a payment

The doctor performs a free surgery for an elderly man who offers him two chickens as a payment

In early July, an 80-year-old man arrived at the medical office of Dr. Alvaro Ramalo and Offered two chickens as a batch Prostate surgery was in dire need.

“I was so moved. I really cried to see this nobility. It’s been years since I’ve seen something like this. The urologist, who works with patients in Tarija, a Bolivian city near the border with Argentina, said, ‘It took me back to the past and reminded me of my parents.”

The doctor’s father, José Ramalo Guillen, who was a urologist in the 1960s, died 11 years ago, and a foundation was set up to continue his work.

“I was very honored and pleased: last night this grandfather said he did not have the money for prostate surgery, and I replied that it didn’t matter, we would operate on him through the institution. He offered me two chickens to give me back for the surgery.”

The doctor said he was crying. “I am so touched and from heaven, dear father, I know you are glad to know that I have followed in your footsteps in the well-being of this beautiful, humble and simple people,” the doctor wrote in a Facebook post.

The farmer said he took the initiative to give the chickens because he wanted the doctor to reciprocate. The urologist gladly accepted the gift because he understood the gratitude and humility of the rural population.

Birds already have names, Clotilde and Ramon, He will stay with the doctor. “My wife was excited. He took a picture and sure, now they are basically. They will be like our pets.”

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Seo Pedro is in recovery and will likely be discharged by the end of August, when he returns home with his wife. You’ll have the health needed to take care of the dozens of other chickens you keep on your small property.

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