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The director chose the game on Verum Rex

The director chose the game on Verum Rex

Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts 4 In the Last Sunday (10) during an event to commemorate 20 years of franchiseBut there may be another game in the spotlight. According to Tetsuya Nomura, IP Director, Verum Rex Project, a game was introduced in KH 3did not take off because the current focus is Sora.

Verum Rex is a video game marketed in the world of Toy Story, in Kingdom Hearts 3. Apparently, the ideas on the table were directed towards the production of this title, and not the focus on creating a sequel in which the hero would participate with a key.

For Nomura, who is responsible for the decision to produce Kingdom Hearts 4, it will be interesting to focus on continuing the Sora saga rather than making Verum Rex. Ultimately, the game was announced during the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Like the Verum Rex, KH 4 will take place in the Quadratum. If the protagonist fails his mission to save this world, he will never be able to meet his animated friends again. Watch Sora’s first interaction with this “natural universe”:

Verum Rex is based on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which ended up being Final Fantasy XV. Will Yozora take part in this mission to save the Quadratum?

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