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The deadline for sending IR vouchers ends on 28

The deadline for sending IR vouchers ends on 28

Proof of corporate income and financial intuition must be sent to the taxpayer. (Getty Images)

  • Information from proof of income is required to complete an IR declaration;

  • Expectations for the start of submitting the income tax return for the month of March;

  • If the taxpayer does not receive the documents, he must apply for income tax.

Providers of services, such as telephony and the Internet, for example, financial institutions have until next Monday (28/02) to submit proof of income to taxpayers for the year 2021. The documents are part of the information needed to complete the income tax.

The IRS has not yet reported for this year’s reporting period. The deadline for settling accounts with Lion is usually from the first business day of March to the last business day of April. And due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the deadlines in 2020 and 2021 have been pushed back.

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Income evidence condenses amounts received or paid to taxpayers and must feed into an income tax return. The Federal Revenue Service verifies payments to citizens through reports submitted by companies and financial institutions. The analyzed information indicates whether the taxpayer has made the return correctly or is evading some tax.

Proof of income can be sent by post, email, download link, or published through mobile apps and computers. In the case of a contracting company, the receipt must contain the amounts paid to the worker, Social Security deductions, and income tax collected at source.

Pensioners and retirees INSS (National Institute for Social Security) must request proof of income through the Meu INSS portal or in the app available for Android and iOS devices.

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The citizen must inform the tax authority if he does not receive proof of income. Businesses that do not send proof of income to the taxpayer within the deadline will be subject to a fine.

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