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The DDoS attack is emerging "between us" in Europe and the United States

The DDoS attack is emerging “between us” in Europe and the United States

Since Friday afternoon, Among Us developer InnerSlot has been trying to curb the DDoS attack launched against its North American and European servers so that the popular game cannot be played by many users. “The service will be offline when the team edits, but it may take a while, wait! Sorry! ”Innerslot said Friday in a tweet discovered by Eurocommer.

At the time of writing, Innersloth has been able to recover some servers, but the situation has not been fully resolved: the game’s official Twitter account continues to report “servers down among us” on its profile. “I can not believe I’ve working on a Saturday now, I want to get a crusade,” Innerslot said in a particularly hopeless update over the weekend.

Thanks to our celebrity, it is not uncommon to be subjected to disruptive hacking attacks. In 2020, after a person named “Eris Loris” found a way to hack millions of games, the game was hit by a remote spam attack, which affected about 5 million players. The event caused great sadness and frustration among the game community, with many taking to Reddit to express their frustration with the hacker.

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