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"The crown will be mine" · TV news

“The crown will be mine” · TV news

Tonic (Alexander Nero) It will cause carnage in one of your illusions. in a In the time of the emperorHe will describe his visions with Pedro (Selton Melo) and Teresa (Letitia Sabatella) being dethroned and humiliated before they took the crown. In fact, the warning was the result of a villain’s imagination when he took a few good sips of a hallucinogenic tea offered by the Indians.

In the scenes planned for January 6 chapterDolores’ husband (Daphne Bozasky) will make headlines. In the publications it will be written that Paraguay defeated Brazil with its allies in Kurupati.

“I wanted to see Pedroca’s face reading this. He’ll tear out his hair. Solano Lopez [Roberto Birindelli] He must be satisfied with me, for without my information it will be difficult for Paraguay to win this battle, ”he said in a conversation with Borges (Danilo dal Vara). Imagine if they discovered the fraud that was exposed to Deputy Tonico Rocha! “

Toneko will say that he does not intend to remain in the position of deputy for long. “I had a vision, Borges, that revealed my future,” he recalls.

alternate reality

In the bad character’s hallucinations, Pedro and Teresa will be chased and surrendered during a battle. Beata (Clovis Torres) and Jacera (Valeria Alencar) And Celestina (Bel Kutner), also present in Tonico’s obsession, will have a tragic end when they are both shot. In the imperial costume, the politician will tie the rival couple with a torso.

“But how? This crown is mine!” Peter cried. “It was yours! Now it’s mine, Tonico Rocha: the true emperor of Brazil!” , would end the character of Alexander Nero in his vision.

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Returning to real life, Toneko will be self-confident: “Write what I say: Pedroca’s crown will remain mine.”

In the time of the emperor Almost 40 years after the events of New World (2017). In addition to spoilers, the the news He also publishes daily summaries of the television series at six o’clock.

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