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The couple escapes from the nursing home using Morse code

The couple escapes from the nursing home using Morse code

After decades, a US Armed Forces veteran used his military knowledge to escape an asylum where he lives with his wife in Tennessee.

Seniors – those whose anonymity has been preserved – used their knowledge in Morse code to memorize the sound of keys employees use to control access to the home, according to the Tennessee website.

Despite the initially successful escape, due to their physical limitations, the couple could not get far, were caught by a pedestrian, and taken back to the nursing home, a few streets away.

Nursing home where the couple fled, in Tennessee (USA)

Image: Playback / Google Street View

According to a report by the Tennessee Department of Health’s Residential Licensing Board that was summoned to investigate the case, the adventurers were reported to have disappeared for about 30 minutes.

When asked about the escape plan, the elderly man explained that he “was able to hear the code when the team typed the numbers and were able to discover the numeric code to leave the unit using the memory”.

Although the veteran admitted the prank, the asylum was not investigated by the state health agency.

The foundation was fined $ 2,000 – about R $ 10,800 at the current rate.

When asked about the situation, the elderly man’s daughter said that she visited him more than once.

The employees in charge of the establishment said that they changed all the passwords on the doors.

“The safety of our residents is the top priority in the elderly community. We are grateful for both residents to safely return to society,” wrote the house.

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