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The corona virus became infected two days after the head of the Pakistani government was vaccinated

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The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Han was infected with the corona virus two days after being vaccinated, the health minister of the Islamic Republic of South Asia said on Saturday.

Health Minister Sultan Achchu wrote on his Twitter page that the Prime Minister of Pakistan had offered to isolate his home.

The 68-year-old prime minister has attended several meetings over the past few days. He was speaking at a security policy conference in Islamabad, attended by many. He unveiled on Friday to launch a project aimed at improving the housing conditions of the poor.

Imran Han received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine on Thursday, which is a Chinese synoform vaccine that does not work right now, which is why you should wear a mask and focus on hygiene.

Imran Hahn while receiving the vaccine.Photo: – / AFP

Pakistan, with a population of 220 million, was largely affected by the third wave of the epidemic; Again, the number of corona virus infections is increasing drastically. According to data provided by the government, 3,876 new infections have been tested in the last 24 hours. Finally in early July the number of infections increased at this rate. The total number of registered corona virus infections exceeds 620,000. The official death toll from Govt-19 is officially 13,800.

In Pakistan, on March 10, the elderly were vaccinated. Earlier, a good number of health workers rejected Chinese vaccines, saying they did not believe them. In the South Asian country, emergency use of the Chinese synopharm and conjunctivitis, British-Swedish astrogenic and Russian Sputnik V vaccines has so far been permitted. (MDI)

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