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The Corinthians Art Committee discovers the group's physical disability;  Athletes feel the impact in CT scans

The Corinthians Art Committee discovers the group’s physical disability; Athletes feel the impact in CT scans

About a month after starting work on CT Joaquim Grava, the new Corinthians training staff diagnosed physical deficits in the group of athletes. The problem includes young people and veterans, with different levels of disability (major and minor).

By the way, the diagnosis of the Six Portuguese is already known to athletes and the board. Coach Vitor Pereira, his physical coach Antonio Asensao and his assistants Luis Miguel, Felipe Almeida, Bruno Moura and Luis Nidio believe it is necessary to restore all the previous work.

The new technical staff has implemented its philosophy since February 28. A business model that had an impact on the group, unaccustomed to such extensive training. Some athletes even experienced discomfort during this period (muscular, lumbar and even in the hip). There were also muscle injuries (Bruno Melo, in the posterior muscle of the left thigh. And the Wagnerrectus muscle of the left thigh).

The players, still acclimating, and Vitor Pereira in training at CT Joaquim Grava

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency

According to the staff of some athletes who heard a report My dreamAnd the The difference is stark in terms of what was done in the CT, mainly due to the intensity of the training. Paulinho, for example, is one of those who have sensed this change. Incidentally, the number 15 shirt spoke on the topic after the setback that Sao Paulo suffered in the Morumbi dressing room.

“The physical condition is won in minutes. When Vitor arrived, we had already finished the preparatory season, he was already adapted in the physical part. With the arrival of the technical committee, with its philosophy, the work has reached the level they want, they are demanding. A technical committee is different from another and the level of demand is different, and we are working to reach this level15,” said the No. 15 shirt, emphasizing the internal impact on the CT scan.

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Despite the resentment of what was done previously, Vitor Pereira should not openly criticize Sylvinho’s coaching staff, whom Flavio de Oliveira was in charge of the physical preparation – a professional who recently agreed with Ciara.

It completely changed the gameplay, with more intense football, completely changed the daily work with the arrival of the new commission”, admitted President Duilio Monteiro Alves, without denying the need for an adjustment in CT.

The physical issue of players has already won in social networks. A large part of Corinthians fans question and criticize the difference in sharpness in relation to opponents. Recently, a screenshot was taken from a video on the channel Corinthian identity Cited with the exact moment six players put their hands on their legs, indicating a sign of exhaustion – the photo was taken in the 33 minutes of the second half of the duel with Guarani.

In 33 of the second half, the players looked tired in front of Guarani

In 33 of the second half, in front of Guarani, the players seemed to show fatigue in the grass

Reproduction / YouTube (Corinthiana Identity Channel)

With the elimination in Paulistao, Vitor Pereira and his coaching staff still have eight days to prepare for their debut in the Copa Libertadores, scheduled for next Tuesday, the fifth, against Always Reddy, in La Paz, Bolivia.

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