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The confusing intersection of London has signs everywhere; look

An intersection at the end of London Bridge in the British capital has confused locals, tourists and even driving professionals. This is because the signs on the sidewalk are more of a hindrance than a help and indicate literally everywhere.

According to the British newspaper, six separate arrows, three lane markings for buses, an icon for cyclists and an expressive group of lines that overlap at the same point can be found at the same point, in a traffic engineering diagram classified according to the publication as “ridiculous”. .

The confusion may be a result of urban re-planning Conducted by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, which aims to discourage the flow of cars in the area and ensure freer passage for pedestrians, buses, bicycles and the famous black taxis – only these categories could use the bridge on weekdays at the start of the pandemic.

The big problem is that the instructions for drivers before the changes weren’t erased right before the new boards were put on the asphalt.

Traffic is becoming more and more difficult to understand in the area – and the apps don’t know street directions

Photo: Playback / The Sun

A taxi driver complained to The Sun tabloid: “It’s among the worst intersection designs in the world. It’s as ridiculous as it gets. Most traffic goes through the intersection anyway. No one needs scores of arrows drawn to drive in a straight line.”

According to the professional, the problem has already reached navigation applications like Waze, which do not know how to direct the driver to the exact route they should take because the street signs are so broken.

Ironically, Transport for London – as the capital’s transport office is known – claimed to the Mail that the street plan was intended to “make [a rua] Easier and safer for people to walk, cycle and use public transportation.”

Image: Playback / Google Earth

“We wanted to stop people using their cars wherever possible, help us reduce traffic jams, clean up London’s air and help people be healthier.” However, the city has not made clear whether it intends to correct the placement of signs on the south side of London Bridge.

Sadiq Khan has already implemented more than 96.5 kilometers of bike lanes in the city, as well as roadblocks in 89 neighborhoods classified as “low traffic”.

Image: Playback / Google Earth

From August, it has yet to expand its Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) which will force visitors and residents to pay £12.50 (R$79.50) per day to drive in the city if their cars do not meet standards for low pollutant emissions environments.

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