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Apresentação do Plano de Trabalho. Dep. Nilto Tatto PT - SP

The committee discusses the liquidation process of a public company that produces semiconductors

07/14/2022 – 07:31

Eileen Minkee / House of Representatives

Tato: Brazil may leave a select group of countries that produce semiconductors

The House Science, Technology, Communications and Informatics Committee is holding a public hearing on Thursday (14) to discuss the liquidation of the National Center for Advanced Electronic Technology (CITIC).

The debate will take place at 2:30 pm, at plenary 13, and may be followed by the e-Democracy Portal.

Deputy Nilto Tatu (PT-SP), who requested the discussion, noted that CITIC is the only company in Latin America capable of developing, designing and manufacturing semiconductors on a large scale.

“In all countries where semiconductor industries have developed, implementation has been carried out with the support of public policies and state investment. Recently, the United States announced a program of $52 billion in subsidies to reduce dependence on Asia, which provides 80% of global demand for silicon semiconductors ” , said the deputy.

Tatu denounced that the government was manipulating the decision of the Court of Federal Auditors (TCU), which halted the liquidation of CITIC in September 2021 because it found weaknesses in the process, when it released a public notice to choose the company to do so. Center real estate management.

“While the PCU does not comment on the documents required by the executive branch to evaluate the content of the process, at the end of February the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation selected the only company that presented itself to complete the liquidation: Softex and warned that a CITIC solution would mean removing Brazil from a selection of Countries that produce semiconductors.

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Confirmed attendance at the meeting:
– Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Digital Innovation in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Secretariat of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Henrique de Oliveira Miguel;
– President of the Association of Employees of the National Center for Advanced Electronic Technology (Acceitec), Silvio Luis Santos Jr.; And the
– Former Minister of State for Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul and Professor at the Polytechnic School of PUC (RS), Adão Villaverde.

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From the newsroom – RS