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A chef que trocou o glamour dos restaurantes de luxo para levar boa comida para alunos de escolas do Reino Unido - Fotos: Reprodução / Instagram

The chef leaves the luxury restaurant to prepare quality food in schools

The chef who changed the glamor of luxury restaurants to bring good food to UK school students – Photos: Breeding / Instagram

Chef Nicole Pissani left a luxury restaurant and dedicated herself to bringing quality food to schools and their students.

She came up with the idea after seeing a post announcing the need for a chef from London Elementary School.

At school, Nicole went on to cook for more than 500 children and rediscovered the way to prepare food. Created to improve school lunch and teach students about nutrition, his Chefs School program was born that way.

The chef spent his childhood watching his family manage restaurants

Nicole grew up on the Mediterranean island of Malta and grew up looking after restaurants run by her family.

Worked at the famous London restaurant Nobby. There, Nicole cooked the finest dishes of Asian culture, managed a group of 15 people and spent almost 16 hours a day on her feet.

“But the more I stayed in restaurants, the less I felt connected to people,” he said.

After being in the restaurant for two years, she decided to explore new challenges.


In 2018 Nicole created the Chefs School program to improve school lunch and teach students about nutrition.

The initiative currently has 120 trained chefs and has been reactivated in London. Involving students in food through vegetable gardens and cooking classes.

“We need to provide good food for children across the UK so that it benefits them, and benefits us, and ultimately society,” he concluded.

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