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The charger is in the socket or on the cell phone?  The system makes all the difference

The charger is in the socket or on the cell phone? The system makes all the difference

Stop and think about how you do it: When you charge your cell phone, do you first connect the cell phone to the charger or to the socket? The fact is that most people do this procedure automatically, but there is a recommendation on how to charge the device.

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It is possible to provide more safety and durability for both the smartphone and the charger. So you never make a mistake again, check out Five Golden Days to Charge Your Cell Phone

1- Which should be plugged in first: the socket or the cell phone?

In practice, the safest thing is to always connect the charger to the socket before connecting the cable to the cell phone. This is because the procedure avoids any power surge issues that could damage both the charger and the smartphone.

2- Only the original or certificate

Using original or brand-approved chargers is essential for the health of your device. This is because pirated chargers or chargers of questionable quality, in addition to not charging properly, can put your safety (and the safety of the device) at risk. Therefore, purchasing a parallel charger is a saving that may be costly in the medium term.

3- Do not use your cell phone while charging

People rarely follow this recommendation of not using their mobile phone while charging. The ideal is to avoid this practice. This prevents the device from overheating or reducing battery life. In addition, continued use may cause the charger to deteriorate before the end of its useful life.

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4- Take it out of the cell phone, and disconnect it

When you finish charging your cell phone, make sure to disconnect the charger. This is because in addition to saving energy, it reduces the chances of fire accidents caused by overloading or equipment defects.

5- Be careful with the charger case

Keep your cell phone charger in good condition! No need to bend the cable or leave it tangled without great care. In practice, a sloppy procedure can break the internal cooler, causing the cable to stop working.

Finally, adopting these simple measures can increase the useful life of both your device and its accessories.