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“The Champion”: Cruzeiro athletes celebrate the second division title with the net

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Luvanor popped champagne to celebrate Cruzeiro’s conquest of the second division

Even without entering the stadium, Cruzeiro secured, Friday (30), the expected title of the second division of the Brazilian championship. Celestial players were gathered into small groups, and they used social networks to bring the festivities to life.

At Levanor’s home, defender Oliveira, midfielder Willian Oliveira and forward Rodolfo Champagne, chanting “Hero”, fired Britain’s Queen squad.

From home, striker Gag also shared the broadcast with his teammates to celebrate the title. Left-back Mateusz-Bido, who was with his wife at home, opened another live broadcast in which he celebrated the second division cup.

Lincoln and Edo, who were together, jumped into the pool at the former Flamengo player’s home and asked for a break from coach Paolo Pizzolano on Saturday, October 1. In another live broadcast, the duo celebrated the highly anticipated second division title. At one point in the broadcast, Edu allowed fans to participate in the video.

Along with his family, goalkeeper Rafael Cabral posted a video in which he sings the Cruzeiro anthem and celebrates the expected victory. Right-back Rmulo posted a photo, next to Cruzeiro’s jerseys, in which he simulates a trophy lift.

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Even without entering the field, the Celestial team gained the sporting confirmation of the conquest thanks to defeats of Gremio, the vice captain, and Bahia, third.

With 71 points, Cruzeiro can no longer be reached in the rankings. Days after confirming their entry to Serie A in 2023, Paolo Pezzolano’s side are now celebrating the title with just 21 wins, eight draws and just three defeats. Overall performance after 32 rounds is 74%.

With the setback for Sampaio Cora 2-1, in Marano, Grmio stopped at 53 points. Although he can go as high as 71, Tricolor Gacho is not in a position to reward Raposa in number of wins (21 to 14) in the last six rounds.

Bahia, in turn, lost 3-1 to Chapecoense at Arena Conde in Chapec and got 52 points. Tom and Willian Pope’s goals for Santa Catarina secured Cruzeiro’s victory at Segundona.

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With the title confirmed mathematically, Cruzeiro will be able to celebrate with his fans next Wednesday, starting at 9:30 pm, against Ituano, in Mineiro. More than 60,000 people are expected to attend Gigante da Pampulha for the hero’s concert.

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