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The Chamber approves mandatory disclosure of the SUS waiting list

The Chamber approves mandatory disclosure of the SUS waiting list

The list of examinations and surgeries must be updated every two weeks; The text goes to the Senate for analysis

Last Wednesday (21/2/2024), the House of Representatives approved a draft law specifying the publication of the list of patients waiting to undergo surgeries and examinations in the hospitals of the Unified Health System. The proposal was amended by representatives and will return to the Senate for a vote.

The text stipulates that waiting lists show the patient's health card number, the date of the appointment, the patient's location on the waiting list, and the location where the procedure will be performed.

The PL rapporteur is the MP Roy Carneiro (We can-PB). He stated that the disclosure would bring dignity to citizens who use SUS services. “This measure will give dignity to public health in Brazil. It will put an end to the scheme of jumping in queues, with political intervention that saves one person and kills two.”He said.

According to the text, the lists must be updated every two weeks by governments and administrative bodies. Changes to the waiting list will only be allowed based on medical criteria. Patients who have changed dates or canceled procedures must be notified in a timely manner and informed of the new appointment.

Every month, health unit managers will have to report, also online, the number of patients in queues for procedures by specialty and the average waiting time.

With information from Brazil Agency.