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The Chamber agrees to the deputy who facilitates contracting loans

Rent or renegotiate one lend Easier should continue until the end of this year. Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved the temporary measure (MP) Allowing banking institutions to waive the document requirements of tax liability To grant or renegotiate credit.

The measure will be in effect until December 31, 2021, and not until June 30 as previously expected. The text, in which all amendments have been rejected, will now be sent to the Senate.

Deputy Ricardo Silva (PSB-SP), Rapporteur of the proposal, stated that the extension of the deadline is important due to the continued pandemic Covid-19 in the country. The representative stipulates giving priority to small and micro businesses and cooperatives with annual revenues of up to R$4.8 million in granting credit from public resources.

In addition to this group, other sectors most affected by the health crisis should receive priority when the loan includes public resources, such as pensioners and retirees. It is worth remembering that companies owe INSS Preventing them from contracting credit from the public service.

Other points of the deputy

While in effect, the temporary measure dispenses with the requirement to file a Certificate of Debt Relief (CND) for companies taking loans from designated credit resources (collected through savings). The list of contracts and renegotiations related to public resources must be sent by December 31 to the Federal Revenue Service and the Attorney General of the National Treasury (PGFN).

In addition to the points mentioned, the text also allows owners to mortgage vehicles without the need to obtain insurance against theft, damage and damage by third parties, a requirement provided for in the Civil Code.

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