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The Central Bank again postpones the second phase of “forgotten money”

The Central Bank confirms the new rules for the second phase

a System Receivables (SVR) From Central Bank (BC) It allowed many people to recover forgotten sums of money in banking institutions. The first phase of work took place in the first half of this year. Now, the prediction is all about the launch The second stage of forgotten money in banks.

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At the beginning of the year, the Monetary Authority stated that it would release about R$8 billion of funds remaining in institutions for normal persons And the Legal Entities. However, due to the strike of the agency’s servers, the new phase of consultations, estimated for May, has been postponed indefinitely.

Accounts Receivable: What are they?

The Central Bank Receivables System was created to help people who have forgotten amounts in banks get their money back. There are even situations when even a person himself does not know that he has valuables waiting for rescue.

As mentioned above, the estimated R$8 billion was not transferred in one go. BC decided to divide the sum into two stages. Initially, about 28 million Brazilians were able to use the forgotten money resources. The average refund was R$142.85, but of course, with people receiving numbers in the range of a few reais and cents.

4 billion R$ was released for withdrawals, half of the total estimated value. Now, expectations are to release the rest in the second phase of the procedure. The difference is that the new rules were announced by BC. Check it out below!

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BC’s new rules for receivables

BC announced new changes to the second phase of Forgotten Money. Start with a refund option on first access for consultation. Until then, it was necessary to return to the system on a specific date to schedule the withdrawal.

In addition, the agency reported that it will include new sources of financial resources, in addition to releasing undrawn amounts available in the first phase. With that, even those who have not forgotten the money before, can get it now.

As mentioned before, due to the BC server strike, there has been a delay in the rework of SVR, whose new phase is due to begin in May. It didn’t happen in the end. In light of this, an official date for the start of the new consultations has not yet been announced, but according to the authority, it will continue to be issued.