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The CBF will submit a candidacy to CONMEBOL to host the Sudamericana Final; Brasilia is a possibility

the Brazilian Football Confederation (cbf) intends to submit nominations for CONMEBOL To host the Grand Finals for Cuba Sudamericana and the editors Year 2023. Both Toys Unique scheduled to take place in 28 Oct And 11 from november, respectively, and may once again be clubs from Brazil vying for titles. The entity must confirm which sites are still in the first half of this year.

Officials estimate the possibility as positive, as the country has several cities with accommodation structures, airports and even stadiums in conditions to receive the two matches without causing significant inconvenience to fans from any region of the continent, which facilitates logistics and accommodation in general. According to the “ge” website, there is a high chance that choices will be made at the board meeting in the coming months.

With regard to Sol Americana, the biggest trend is for the final match to be on Brazilian soil, since 2022, the capital of Brasilia At first he was going to host the match, which at the last moment ended up going to Cordoba.

In the case of the Libertadores, the fact that the last three decisions were played between teams (Flamengo x Atletico-PR, Palmeiras x Flamengo and Santos x Palmeiras) increases the odds of winning.

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