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The cash loan is not approved, what to do?

The cash loan is not approved, what to do?

at the end of September, Caixa launched its new credit line via can You have. In short, the program lend The interest rate is high and unfavorable: 3.99% per month. However, many users have doubts whether they can employ more than one lend In Cashier Tem. Below, check the answer.

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About the loan from Caixa Tem

The user can request a loan of between 300 and 1000 BRL. In addition, the Caixa Tem loan rate will be 3.99% per month. According to the monetary and financial statistics report attributed to him, from the Central Bank, the average rate of the banking system is 1.45% per month. The interest rate on general personal credit is 2.42% per month.

The Caixa Team loan program targets low-income residents. However, it has been heavily criticized by economists, as it is highly vulnerable to the indebtedness of the most vulnerable families.

The new Caixa Team loan line comes at a time when emergency aid is drawing to a close. Moreover, the government has not found a solution to support Auxílio Brasil, the new social program that should include the part of Brazilians who would be without emergency assistance.

Credit is not approved, what to do?

In short, when a Caixa Tem does not approve credit, it may mean that the customer has not met Caixa’s credit risk assessment criteria. Therefore, the recommendation is to check if there are registration restrictions in your CPF. Also, it is essential to find out if there are any other loans that affect your ability to pay.

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